For those health enthusiasts that look to promote balance and flexibility both spiritually and physically, 180FitGym offers Hatha yoga. The practice of yoga promotes muscular control and endurance. The techniques have also been used therapeutically to treat cancer, asthma, and heart-disease. 180FitGym is poised to be a resource for wellness engaging the mind, spirit, and body.


Fitness is made fun when you don’t even realize you are working out. Zumba classes are defined by their high energy and great music. Core strength and flexibility are a necessity for optimum health and longevity. Zumba’s movements have a strong Latin influence and promote intercostal rotation and hip flexion. These movements help achieve a toned mid-section. While you’re working up a sweat, this high intensity class will improve your cardio endurance. For those looking to spice up their fitness regimen, Zumba is a great resource for a cardio boost.


Cycling classes are a great way to keep one’s cardio endurance going throughout the year. At 180FitGym, our cycling room has 16 Shwinn AC Performance bikes. All of our bikes are mounted with a MPower Echalon Console. Shwinn has created a more realistic ride with their magnetic resistance flywheel and the MPower console tracks rpm’s, distance, and calories burned. Let our hi-resolution sound system carry you over those tough climbs and keep you motivated for the 45 min ride. Our certified instructors will take you on a journey with varying cadences, pedal rates, body positions, and resistances that guarantee a rigorous workout.

 Personal Training

180 Fitness Inc. is a personal training company. The company was created as an affordable alternative to the “cookie cutter,” approach, characteristic of most corporate gyms. By hiring only the most qualified staff, 180 Fitness Inc. was able to design programs based specifically on individual’s goal sect and ability level. 180 Fitness Inc. has been an internship site for Springfield College’s Exercise Science department since 2009. As the result of our commitment to our clients and dedication towards excellence, 180 Fitness Inc. has expanded. Our company now has its own gym. 180FitGym is a facility dedicated to helping its members achieve their goals. If you are looking to mix it up, increase the intensity of your workout, have a program created, or just need more accountability at the gym, look no further than our PT department. Our instructors are ready to help you on your fitness quest.